Kent Cup Winners

Many congratulations to our Men’s 1st Team who won the Kent Cup for the top division last Sunday beating Sydenham 1st team.  Players on the day were Joe Edwards & Kaan Basaran (6-4, 6-1/6-2, 7-5) and Farhad Tadayon & Raph Urbani (6-2, 6-0/7-6, 6-0).  We have won several Kent cups in the last 30 years or so although this is our first victory in the top division.  Photos will be posted shortly to the gallery.

Also, our Men’s 1st team won the top division in the North Kent League – so a double celebration!

In due recognition the players involved (together with their appearances) were:-


Joe Edwards – Captain (6)
Kaan Basaran (6)
Raph Urbani (6)
Mike Sahra (2)
Farhad Tadayon (3)
Julian Rouse (1)
Ed Channing Cotter (1)

North Kent:

Joe Edwards – Captain (9)
Kaan Basaran (10)
Phil Lynch (8)
Raph Urbani (8)
Mike Sahra (4)
Ryan Caldwell (4)
Farhad Tadayon (3)
Julian Rouse (3)
Neil Smith (3)
Chris Gilbert (3)
Kevin Wood (2)
Tony Ferdinando (1)
Tom Edwards (1)
Steve West (1)