World Cup Mixed Doubles Tournament

World Cup Mixed Doubles Tournament

Sunday 16th March 2014 9:15 am - 2:15 pm

PLEASE NOTE: The tournament is now full and unfortunately we cannot accept any further entries.  For those that have already signed up, please see here.

Dear Club Members,

As it is a World Cup Year I thought that it would be fun to have a tournament incorporating the football theme. Rather than have the traditional separate Men’s ,Ladies and Mixed tournaments, I thought that we would have one big mixed tournament played like a American tournament on one, possibly two weekend days in March (depending on how many of you would like to play).

Key details below:

  • Date: Sunday the 16th March 2014 9.15am – 2.15pm.
  • Closing Date for Entries: Saturday 1st March 2014. To enter please send your email to or add your name to the poster in the club house.
  • Number of players: as a minimum 8 players per team; 4 teams needed. I will grade you with the help of Farhad to ensure each team is of similar ability and there is a spread of playing levels.
  • No separation of men and women and no further handicapping.
  • Each match 20 minutes long commencing and ending on umpires whistle.
  • 1 point awarded for each game won. For example, if side A beats side B by 3 games to 1 then side a would get 3 points and side B 1 point. Therefore there is no point timewasting as this will cost you potential points!!
  • When the umpires whistle blows for the end of the twenty minute period should a game not be finished then the side who are ahead in points will be adjudicated to have won that game and will gain an additional point. If the sides are level in points than they will each gain an extra point.
  • There will a five minute break between matches.
  • Play will commence only when the umpires whistle sounds.
  • Matches will be systematically structured to ensure they are even in ability. For example, the 1st round of matches will consist of all the different graded 1 and 2’s playing each other, 3 and 4 playing each other, 5 and 6 playing each other, 7 and 8’s playing each other. Following this it will be graded 1 and 3’s, 2 and 4’s etc…
  • The winning team will be the one that accumulates the most points after all matches are played.
  • Cost: £2 per player to cover cost of new balls and prizes.
  • Draw for teams: Sunday morning club session of the 9th March 2014 at noon.
  • Volunteers: 2 non players needed – please let me know if you can help.
  • Further information regarding the rules can be obtained by Steve.
  • The Bar in the club house will be open throughout the day.

Good luck and may the best team win!

Steve Grisbrook

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