Summer 2019 Upcoming Fixtures

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Wed, 29/05Ladies 1Home6.30Park Langley 2NK
Thu, 30/05Ladies VetsAway6.30Bexley 1NK
Fri, 31/05Mixed 1Away6.30Bexley 1NK
Fri, 31/05Mens 2Away6.30Park Langley 1NK
Sat, 01/06Mixed 2Away14.00Maidstone 2Kent
Sat, 01/06Ladies 3Home10.30St Johns 2Kent
Sun, 02/06Mens BHomeBexley Team Tennis
Sun, 02/06Mens AHomeSundridge Team Tennis
Sun, 02/06Mens Vets 3Away13.00Park Langley 3NKAt Old Dun
Mon, 03/06Mens Vets 2Away6.30Bexley 1NK
Mon, 03/06Ladies 2Home6.30Sundridge 5NK
Mon, 03/06Mens 5Home6.30Old Wilsonians 2NK
Tue, 04/06Mens 4Away6.30Bexley 3NK
Wed, 05/06Mixed 2Home6.30Catford 1NK
Wed, 05/06Mens Vets 1Home6.30Oakwood 1NK
Fri, 07/06Mens 5Away6.30Oakwood 3NK
Fri, 07/06Mens 1Away6.30Bexley 1NK
Sat, 08/06Ladies 2Away11.30Tonbridge 2Kent
Sat, 08/06Mens Vets 3Away10.00Hartley 2NK
Sat, 08/06Mens Vets 2Away11.00Park Langley 2NK
Sun, 09/06Mens AHomeBlackheath Team Tennis
Sun, 09/06Mens BAwayBromley LTC Team Tennis
Sun, 09/06Ladies 1Away14.00Maidstone 1Kent
Mon, 10/06Mixed 2Home6.30Blackheath 3Kent
Tue, 11/06Mens 4Away6.30Sundridge 2NK
Wed, 12/06Mixed 1Away6.30Bexley 2NK
Wed, 12/06Mens 5Home6.30Beckenham 5Kent
Fri, 14/06Mens Vets 1Home6.30Sundridge 1NK
Sat, 15/06Ladies 1Away14.00Gravesham 1NK
Sat, 15/06Mens 3Home10.30Bearsted 1Kent
Sun, 16/06U18 BoysHomeBromley LTC Team Tennis
Sun, 16/06U10sAwaySydenham Team Tennis
Sun, 16/06LadiesHome12.30Maidstone Team Tennis
Mon, 17/06Ladies VetsAway6.30Blackheath 2NK
Mon, 17/06Mens Vets 1Home6.30Crescent 1NK
Wed, 19/06Mens Vets 3Away6.30DL Sidcup 1NK
Wed, 19/06Ladies 2Home6.30Meopham 3NK
Thu, 20/06Mens Vets 1Away6.30Bromley LTC 1NK
Fri, 21/06Mixed 1Away6.30Sundridge 1 1NK
Sat, 22/06Mens 2Away13.00Sydenham 1Kent
Sun, 23/06Mixed 2Home10.30Hartley 1NK
Sun, 23/06Mixed 1Away10.00DL Kings Hill 1Kent
Sun, 23/06U16 GirlsAwayOakwood Team Tennis
Sun, 23/06Mens 5Away10.30Frindsbury 3Kent
Mon, 24/06Ladies VetsHome6.30Blackheath 1NK
Wed, 26/06Mens 4Away6.30Crescent 2NK
Wed, 26/06Ladies 1Home6.30Gravesham 1NK
Wed, 26/06Mens 1Home6.30Bexley 2NK
Thu, 27/06Mens 2Home6.30Bromley LTC 2Kent
Fri, 28/06Mens Vets 1Away6.30Park Langley 1NK
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