The club has four courts for this facility and arrangements are set out below.

  1. The facility is available to full members.
  2. Members can book a court on any evening in the winter from dusk until 9.30pm on courts 6 and 7 or 9.00pm on courts 4 and 5 and Saturday and Sunday up until 7.00pm, however, you should check the court booking system to ensure a court is free for the night you wish to play.  Coaching takes place on courts 6 & 7 from 6pm – 9pm most weeknights.
  3. Bookings need to be made through the court booking system.
  4. The cost of a token is included in your annual membership fee.  Please speak to a member of the committee for details of how to acquire tokens.
  5. You will need the code number for the lighting cabinet for courts 6 and 7 or access to the club house for courts 4 and 5.  Please speak to a member of the committee if you do not have the code or club house key.
  6. Please ensure that noise levels are kept to the minimum to avoid complaints from the neighbours.
  7. Please be aware, once your token has run out or the time reaches 9.00/9.30pm the lights will automatically switch off. One light though will remain on for an extra 2 minutes to enable you to collect your belongings and leave the courts.